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Hot Night in non – alcoholic aphrodisiac drink.
Releases sexual energy & extend pure pleasure.


“Catuaba” – erytroxylum Catuaba are pieces of bark from the inner part of the Brazilian tree (Trichilia catigua) growing in the rainforest of the Amazon. Tupi tribesmen who were the first to experience and love her magical actions discovered it. It is one of aphrodisiacs; it works for both men and women.

Included aphrodisiac properties improve potency, libido and sexual abilities. They release from stress, make the sense sharpen, improve the humor and blood supply of the body.

All this relaxes, stimulates the brain and lengthens and improves the sense of orgasm. Thanks to all this, the Brazilian Indians wrote songs about her and called her a “plant of love”.


“Maca” is a spicy plant it comes from the Peruvian Andes. Occurs at an altitude of 3500 m. It was the Incas who discovered and began to use this unusual plant.

Even then, its revitalizing and energizing properties were appreciated. The Maca increases endurance, resistance and fertility. It improves sexual function, increases libido and significantly increases orgasm in both women and men.

Prevents osteoporosis, improves the condition of hair and skin. It has beneficial effects on the hormonal balance, muscle building, joints and strengthens teeth and bones. “Maca” slows down the aging process and also has a positive effect on memory and the ability to absorb knowledge.

This root is a wealth of amino acids, nutrients, sterols, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins B1, B2, C, Niacin and minerals such as zinc, copper, boron, iron, selenium, manganese.

In the central Andes where the Maca comes from, it is used as a daily source of food. Due to its characteristics and world-wide fame, its supporters are still coming.

What is a HotNight drink?

HotNight is an exclusive, natural and non-alcoholic aphrodisiac drink. Its based on maca which grows in the Andes mountains of Peru, 3500 metres above the sea level. Its regenerating and revitalizing properties create extremely good feeling. The second ingredient, catuaba is derived from the bark of trees of the brazilian rainforest. It improves circulation and hightened senses. Indians have used it for rituals and believed that had hidden, mysterious amazonian power.

HotNight is a natural, pure pleasure with a delicious taste pomegranate flavor, for all those, who want to understand the power of pure sexual pleasance, the penetrating power of which quenches the deepest desires.

It is ideally suited for romantic evenings, passionate nights, all kinds of sex parties & everywhere where a sexual atmosphere is created, because IT MAKES YOUR ORGASM EVEN MORE INTENSIVE.

HotNight Drink

Hot Night relaxes, stimulates your libido and sexual potency. It arouses your desire and yours erogenous zones, improves blood circulation and revitalizes your body.

During intercourse, it naturally releases SEXUAL ENERGY, this makes sex even more amazing. All intimate experiences and sensations are more intense. HotNight is a magic power that sometimes takes you to a different, higher dimension of sexual experience.


Try it, you will be satisfied.